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I had a chance to go photograph fellow East Brunswick Alum JAX at an afternoon concert she played at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on March 4, 2017. Thanks to JAX, Tommy, Christina and John for letting me join them for the session. She was playing songs off her new album FUNNY which is available on Itunes now. I was also testing the new Sigma 50-100mm 1.8 Art lens for some of these photos. Crisp lens, but can be rough when hand holding since there is no stabilization in the lens.



I was having some fun with some motivational posters in the office. These were all in good fun and spirit to remind our staff to upload video on time and make sure they check their lenses for fingerprints before shooting. These were crafted from WWII and Propaganda posters that already existed. I added some imagery I created and modified text. All images are copyright of their respective owners and posters were made in satire.

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