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This comes from a post of mine from a year ago on another site, but still holds true.

I was in Atlantic City. While the gambling is always fun, one of my favorite things to watch are the 3 stages of the Party Girls who go to THE POOL at Harrah’s. The pool is an awesome place but the visuals of the people who attend is always entertaining.

Level 1 – Shining Diamonds
Beautiful girls are everywhere, all dressed to the nines with their boyfriends on their arms. The packs of girls are also roaming the halls. Some wearing questionable outfits, ESPECIALLY when they have a boyfriend..I mean you have to go that far when you already have him? Despite the over abundance of skirts so short a breeze would show what is underneath, I have to give props to the group of girls that do something simple like jeans and a top, just as sexy and waaay away from the slut-fest look of the others.

Level 2 – Hot Mess
As the hours pass the drinks start flowing..and the girls change. The girls have been drinking their wine, red bulls and vodka and whatever else they feel like consuming. At this point the club starts to change and the Hallways become an obstacle course. What do you see? Well there are a few things that make it into this category. First, the girls have gotten past the perfect hair and high heels. By this point they are carrying their shoes and walking barefoot. Second, you see the girls who drank so much they just walk through the halls at a really fast pace and wobble around the floor. Their boyfriends are usually walking behind them with a buddy talking and constantly yelling the girls name so they stay nearby…and when the girl makes a weird move the guys laugh at each other and just shake their heads. They eventually catch up to the girls and help them walk. Finally, you see the packs of girls with usually 1 or 2 of them totally wasted. Together they are trying to help one of the girls walk and make it back to the room. Every once and awhile the girl drops something and they stop to pick it up but then the drunk girl wobbles away and they have to grab her again to get her back on course….very entertaining. You also see the random girl walking the hallway stumbling around..trying to find her way back to the room or her group of Friends.

Level 3 – Walking Towels
The final stage to this craziness happens the next morning. In light of the drinking all the girls stumble down to the floor to check out of the hotel. They are dressed in their terry cloth outfits, hair pulled back, flip flops and bug-eyed sunglasses or aviators. It just makes me laugh how much these girls go to the ends of the earth to look hot, sexy and great the previous night and look like beach bum meth head crack addicts the next morning. Everyone sees each other again..yes i know you were that girl last night I was talking to at the pool..your “I’m drunk” next morning look ain’t hiding anything. The other part of this is you often see the guys carrying all the bags and saying the girls name more than once to keep walking as they try to find some morning breakfast before they get on the road.

So the entertainment was great as always, just gives me a good laugh.


The time of year has returned. Halloween.  While to the young and young at heart it is a time to have fun, be creative and celebrate with style…..the other side of Halloween has become loose at the seams. Skimpy outfits. This is not a new trend, it has been around for a long time, It just makes you wonder what this holiday does to the human psyche. What causes men and women to all of a sudden feel like less clothing is mandatory during this celebration?  Why does a flight attendant need to be a sexy flight attendant, a police officer a sexy police officer. OK your probably saying “hello Paul wake up!!” and don’t worry I get it. Besides I enjoy the visuals myself…however it gives me a chuckle that so many feel the need to slut it up. And girls please know what you can and can’t wear, it doesn’t help when we see some of you stuffed into an outfit…get stuff that fits and works, as a big guy I know this myself.  Well this Halloween should be a pleasurable visually stimulating evening as always. Have a boo night everyone and don’t let the girl’s bite….unless your into that type of thing.