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So I guess its official, technology has killed our social interaction. I don’t think this is a new concept to anyone but it is out of hand now. It’s bad enough we don’t call people anymore to talk on the phone or just chat, we all use e-mail or text messaging or even twitter and Facebook! We are a society that fits awkward into social events because kids today have not had that regular one on one interaction many of us grew up with. Where in our days people would talk into the night on the phone, now they just text each other. What is really being said is lost in a text message. How many of you have experienced this? You get an email or text and have no idea what the inflection of the comment is, then you get mad because you thought the person was saying it one way when they were really saying it another. We all know the conversation between humans has changed but this is also getting filtered to other parts of our lives.

In the past few years we have lost telephone operators and customer service reps. How many of us have heard the phrase “I’m sorry I didn’t get that. You can say HELP, CUSTOMER SERVICE,” etc etc. Automated systems have limited our interaction with live people and frustrating us to get answers to our problems.

More recently this trend is moving to large social gatherings like Movie Theaters. You heard me right, Movie Theaters. Now personally I like going to the theater, it offers an experience seeing a movie. The sound of popcorn, the couple talking behind you, the sticky floors, the laughter of the crowd. Sure the place may have some annoying aspects but that is part of the “experience” of the theater. Technology is making the theater a possible future Historic Landmark. Many ON DEMAND cable services are offering films in your home THE SAME DAY it is released in the theaters. Would you go through the hassle of heading to the theater if you could watch it at home? It saves you money and mayhem, so why not? I just think it is a bad idea. We saw a similar trend in the past few years as video stores and music stores started to dwindle as more and more DVD mail services began and downloadable content grew. Don’t you miss going to the store and finding a film to watch? Exploring the music sections of your favorite record store? Looking at the box covers, talking with someone in the store about the film and what they thought about it?

We are social beings that need to be around others and events like going to the movies, the theater or even talking on the phone need to be experienced and kept in our society NOT shoved out or replaced by technology. The technology isn’t bad; it just needs to not take over us.