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I basically keep this site to photos and drone videos, but hey, gotta change things up every once and awhile.  Posting this for 2 reasons,  1. I’m a fan of the product and  2. When I was researching it, there was very little out there telling me about it. So, lets get going.

As Someone who shoots video on a DSLR and on the GoPro, I am always looking for ways to improve sound.  I have used wireless microphones, boom poles, specialty microphones for the gopro, even my Tascam DR-40. While all of these work well they all present some problems.

The Wireless: Great sound but often at risk of batteries dying or interference on the track, plus you need to have a receiver mounted to your gear or an external recorder, making things bulky.

The Wired: Usually good, but you need cables, sometimes another person to hold a boom pole, it can sometimes gets in the shot.

The portable Recorder:  Can be used with wireless or wired mics but can get bulky, especially if you need your talent to put it in a pocket and wear it for awhile.

I can work around much of the above but I was looking for an item that was compact, easy to carry, could hide a microphone easily and record a back-up track for safety.

I googled, I youtubed, I searched away.  My first find was the Little Darling by JuicedLink. The product looks good and they are a known name but to me the product was just un-refined. The buttons look quirky, the edges are hard and the interface seems very confusing and not very user friendly. I’m sure it will improve as the product is in its infancy, albeit a few years old.

After some more searching I finally came across the Tascam DR-10C Recorders.  Ultimate problem..they don’t sell them in the U.S. The U.S. version is very similar but has a fitted XLR connection and can be very handy for interviews and events. Apparently a patent issue prevents U.S. sales, however  after searching some vendors I located a unit at  out of the U.K. Anyway why do I like it?

This thing is Tiny,  compact and awesome. You can see below a size comparison. Plus it has multiple connections available based on the microphones you already own. If you have sennheiser wireless packs, you can get that connection. Shure Microphones, you can get that connection. This was an Awesome start.  You can also buy other connection ports and change the connection if you or a friend has different microphones. I wouldn’t recommend doing that often. Changing the connector is simple but I think doing this on a constant basis would damage the internal connector you need to swap.

The Unit performs great, Put an SD card in, turn it on, check levels and then start recording. You will get a track at your set level and a -6db safety track. Best part about the TASCAM DR-10C, it fits in a pocket easily, clips on a dress, you name it, easy to mount. Battery life is also long, nearly 5-7 hours on 1 AAA battery.

I welcome questions and have posted some photos below, also the video I found online showing the unit in operation.

plugs with quarter front off