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So I recently started an art project that is out of my hands…literally. I sent a Moleskine 3.5″ notebook in the mail On December 18th to a friend. She then will send it somewhere else. I have no record of where it goes, what will be put in it, but I can only hope it comes back to me in Three months. The goal of this was to give people a chance to create something anonymously (if they choose to be) and just share it with a group of people. Inside was an explanation of what I was doing and then I had some simple rules to follow…

  1. Choose a page and write, draw, paste, etc something into the book.
  2. Write your city in the lower right of the page, so at least I know what the path of creation was
  3. Get the book back to me by March 31, 2016 (address included)

Now, it’s very possible I sent this book into the wild and will never see it again, but it would be awesome for it to come back with all this creativity from people around the country…maybe even the world. I will document the pages when the book returns.

People were also welcomed to tweet about the book when they get it @notebooktravels  However I still have yet to see any activity from the notebook.

We can only hope I see it again. Below are the two photos I took before putting it in the mail.

IMG_2900 IMG_2904