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I walked this weekend at Wizard World in Philadelphia and it was a blast. Considering I have been working on this idea and design for almost 5 months, I was happy it worked out and was enjoyed by people at the show. I even got stopped by some 501st guys, which also made me happy. What follows is some background and photos from the build process. Enjoy!

So for the past few months I have been building a character that came to mind for a costume.  I was thinking about who actually maintained things on the Death Star. If you remember the first movie the Death Star blows up after Luke shoots into the Thermal Exhaust Port. So I started thinking, wouldn’t a Maintenance Trooper be an interesting idea. So, I started drawing and thinking. I sketched out this idea of a trooper in overalls and a construction helmet and came up with the below.

I decided on a Thermal Exhaust Port Maintenance trooper, now I’m a big guy so I was worried about any Stormtrooper Armor fitting me. I did some research and ended up buying a suit of armor from Shepperton Design Studios (SDS) in England. They made the original costumes for the movie back in 1977.  I knew I would have to expand the biceps and forearms to fit properly. I ended up expanding them with white plastic signs I bought at Home Depot. I bought an extra helmet from Hasbro and used that as the bucket I attached my construction helmet to. This way I didn’t need to ruin the original SDS helmet. I crafted a few items to fit the character and used a tool belt from dickies with a spare trooper belt I bought, again not to ruin the SDS costume, because maybe one day I will do a full Stormtrooper outfit.

I ended up adding a shoulder pauldron that I modified from a safety vest. Also aged the helmet and added some stickers to tell the story of the character. I added a Thermos instead of a thermal detonator, also had to mount a fan inside to keep me cool, and an old pair of lenses from some glasses, so I could see, since I couldn’t actually wear my glasses. It was a fun build and kept the brain active.

If You’ve had a chance to see “Chasing News” you may notice in the background a device. The Device is known as the Christie Tracker. It was something we use for our Governor Chris Christie segments. The item, while having folklore from an original design built by Thomas Edison, was crafted by hand by myself and Mr. Jason M. Rosenberg. Here is a look at some of the construction process behind the Christie Tracker 6000 6G. At The Bottom you will also find a video of the teaser trailer of the Tracker before its debut.
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