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It was Progress, that’s what you call putting a GoPro with the HeroCast in the Grammy Award base. Execution of the plan was flawless, but when you are dealing with people who are winning an award and not used to working a camera and generally excited, you are limited on how good of a shot you are going to get. The director probably made the choice to not take the camera due to its limited shots. I’m sure many of them were backwards, or shooting too high, or blurry because someone smeared the lens while handling the Stand-In Grammy. Again, this was progress.


Putting cameras in daily items, like awards is the next step of evolution for the production industry. Some things work better than others. For example the NFL is broadcasting via the Pylon Cam. I don’t know if this is a similar set-up like the Grammy, but it makes sense, you get a good shot, see the end zone lines and it is all in a small form factor.

The Pylon and Grammy cam rely on consumer cameras with a broadcast quality backpack. The unit that goes onto the camera can run nearly 15 Grand for a working set-up, (at least that’s what I was quoted when researching getting one for the Company I work for).

The Entertainment industry has tried for years to get cameras into LIVE set-ups that look different than the handheld, lockdown or steadicam shots. Unless it is a scripted event (like the LIVE Gwen Stefani Music video that aired during the Grammy’s) you are limited on what you will get from a small LIVE mounted camera. They could have placed a GoPro in the stage microphone to give a POV shot from the Artist, or a floor cam and had similar problems.

Making the Grammy cam was a start to things that will get better. I wait to see where things go next.

See Some Video of the Grammy Cam on Thier YouTube Channel