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So The other day I headed down to Seaside Heights NJ to get a sunrise. I shot on the GoPro, my DSLR and the Drone. Here are three shots taken from the drone at different times during sunrise. The fourth Video is a time lapse from the GoPro of the sunrise, you may even see the drone fly by through all the birds. Don’t Forget to watch in HD!

So The other day at work, we were presenting some NJ Talk Radio Hosts with an award. We wanted to film a segment with them and what better way to get this done in a flash..use the GoPro cameras. Below you can see the 5 Raw feeds we used to tape the segment, plus the additional use of a cell phone. We synced the audio up from the radio broadcast, to get the clearest audio possible. I was shooting on a stabilizer with the GoPro (the middle shot), so my framing was a little off. Below the raw feed you will see the actual cut segment that aired. We reframed some of the images and made it all work.


Inspired By a conversation from Dennis & Judi on NJ 101.5 FM Radio
Dear Members of the LLD (Left Lane Dick) Society,

As we discussed at our Sunday Night meeting, we will be hitting the roads Monday morning on I-295, Rt 287, Route 1 (north of Trenton) and parts of Route 35 in Toms River. It is imperative we hit the left lanes hard, as it is the start of a new week where people will be honoring veterans on Tuesday. We must make these people angry so they can then be offered joy, or offer joy to any Veterans of the state the next day. It is also imperative you bring an item of distraction with you, such as coffee, a morning breakfast wrap, or doing your make-up. This way other drivers will think you are distracted and NOT trying to slow them down on purpose in the left lane.

Remember our motto…Left Lane Dicks..are not Pricks!

Thank you all and see you next week.

Your humble Chief

Richard Ball
A.K.A Dick Ball